The Gifted: eXit Strategy review S1 E4

If you were growing tiresome of the long and constant plot set up leading to the next confrontation between the Mutant Underground and Sentinel Services, fear not because the battle has begun and both sides are ready for war. Cool mutant action sequences, good CGI, romance, world building, and dark past are revisited that fill the stories current plot holes are all here. From they very beginning, we see that Sentinel Services knows oppression of mutants knows no bounds as we witness a former mutant member of the underground get shot down helping captured mutants escape from a ‘SS’ Relocation Center in a flashback scene. 

The mutant who supposedly didn’t make it was Thunderbird’s best friend  Gus aka Pulse who can short out electrical circuits and other mutant’s abilities within a certain radius.

The Gifted eXit strategy review - Percy Hynes White, Natalie Alyn Lind and Amy Acker

We understand very well that our heroes still desperately want to rescue Reed and Polaris but it’s not that simple. However, they only have a short window of time to act before they get permanently out of reach and Sentinel does whatever they please with them. Realizing that fact, they begin mobilizing to strike the Sentinel Service prison where Reed and Polaris are being held. One thing the Mutant Underground is sure about though, is assaulting a Sentinel Service center would not only be suicide but would be meaningless if the very people they are trying to save die in the ensuing conflict.

Realizing that fact, our heroes decide to call off the assault and try ambushing Sentinel Services while they’re transporting their two prisoners to a secure location. The downside to that is, they have no information on the route Sentinel will be taking.


Eclipse then makes a solo decision that he is willing to rescue Polaris at almost any cost and decides to visit his old cartel that he abandoned long ago to retrieve the transport information the underground needs. He meets his former girlfriend Carmen who is now the leader. Having no choice but to comply with her demands or risk losing Polaris forever, Eclipse uses his ability to torture a captive held by the cartel in return for the info he needs. Meanwhile, Blinks phantom love experiences with Thunderbird cause her to confront him about it only to be turned away disappointed when he hints to her that whatever she believes is between them isn’t real.

The Gifted eXit strategy review - Emma Dumont and Stephen Moyer

With everything coming full circle, this is definitely an episode where you’re not going to want to miss a single part, so have some snacks and drinks ready and get comfortable.

The Mutant Underground then attacks the convoy that is holding Reed and Polaris with the help of the Struckers in the best battle so far in this show. Unfortunately, for our heroes the strike is going terribly wrong as one of their members is gunned down due to the help of another mutant helping Sentinel Services who turns out to be Pulse. He uses his gift to suppress all of the other mutant’s abilities within his territory making this job easier said then done.

The Gifted eXit strategy review - mutant meeting

For the first time, we get mutant versus mutant action when Thunderbird confronts Pulse and hits him with the Roman Reigns signature superman punch, which was the highlight of the episode for me.

Luckily, the ambush is a success as the combined forces of the Struckers and the Mutant Underground manage to finally rescue Reed and Polaris and overcome Sentinel Services. Our heroes may have won this battle, but the war is not done.

We still need answers on just how Sentinel Services turned one of the Underground’s own mutant members against them. Hopefully, we get them soon.

eXit Strategy is without a doubt the best episode so far in the series and shows that this series has a very bright future ahead of it. — Jean-Luque Zephir

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: Eliza Morse/FOX