Mark Strong might sign up in shocking role in Shazam, but he’d be better suited as another character

Shazam seemed like it was shaping up to be another forgotten DC movie. Tyrese’s BFF Dwayne Johnson wasn’t going to make an appearance as Black Adam. And there was very little news on the hero formerly known as Captain Marvel front. These last two weeks though have been very interesting. Especially with the new rumor Mark Strong is in talks for a vital role for the film. But if he’s involved, maybe Warner Bros. might want to go in another direction?

Last week, Warner Bros. announced Zachary Levi (Thor: The Dark World) would be starring in the title role of the David F. Sandberg film. Levi seems like a great choice for Shazam and he should easily be able to tap into the childlike wonder of a boy that becomes Earth’s Mightiest Mortal when he utters the magic word.

When the news first came out about Strong, my immediate reaction was he would make a perfect Black Adam. Then I remembered Johnson and read Strong is up for consideration for Shazam’s other principal menace — Dr. Sivana. Getting Strong (Kingsman: The Golden Circle) on board would be a coup for the Shazam film, but I’ve got this nagging sense he’s miscast.

In the comics, Dr. Sivana was Captain Marvel’s Lex Luthor equivalent, right down to the bald head and knack for creating menaces to battle ‘The Big Red Cheese.’ There’s no doubt Strong could pull off that role, which would be like a hybrid of his Kick-Ass and Kingsman characters.


While he could pull it off and nail the role, Strong would make for a much more inspired Black Adam than Johnson. DC writer Geoff Johns did a masterful job fleshing Black Adam out to be more than Captain Marvel’s evil mirror image in the pages of Justice Society of America. He was atoning for his evil past, but the darkness in his heart kept coming back to haunt him. If the intent is to make a Black Adam spin-off, Strong could handle the nuances of this would-be hero much better than Johnson. As a make-good, let Johnson be the DC Extended Universe version of Guy Gardner.

That’s my dream casting director decision anyway. What do you think? Excited about the possibility of Strong joining Shazam?

Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox