5 most likely candidates for the surprise Mattel WWE BAF

In an interview at Ringside Fest, Mattel WWE figure designer Bill Miekina mentioned he’d gotten a look at an upcoming Build-A-Figure that had him very excited. Miekina suggested collectors were going to be thrilled about this future WWE BAF as well.

Citing the Wendi Richter figure that’s part of the WWE Shop Zone exclusive three-pack with Lita and Sasha Banks, Miekina said this character has never had a figure released. Thanks to Jakks’ nearly comprehensive coverage of the wrestling landscape that doesn’t leave a lot of options.

Keep in mind the WWE BAF have been focused on non-wrestlers so this probably won’t be how we’d get a David Von Erich, Psychosis, La Parka or Jushin Liger. Let’s size up some viable candidates.


Mattel WWE BAF guess - Jack Tunney

Jack Tunney. The figurehead president of the WWF seems like a great option for a Flashback Basic line. From the peak of Hulkamania to 1994, all the executive decisions came from Tunney. He wouldn’t be especially demanding from a parts perspective either.

Mattel WWE BAF guess - Tony Schiavone

Tony Schiavone. Just as vital in narrating the events on Monday Nitro as Jim Ross was on Monday Night Raw. Schiavone was a fixture in the NWA long before it became WCW and was the voice of the promotion until it folded.

With a pair of Bobby Henan figures, we could have a decent WCW commentary set up if he were the BAF in a WCW heavy lineup consisting of various members of the WCW, n.W.o. and Four Horsemen ranks.

Mattel WWE BAF guess - Paul E Dangerously

Paul E. Dangerously. While we’ve gotten Paul Heyman figures, a Paul E. Dangerously hasn’t been made in figure form. Paul E. could be the bonus for a Dangerous Alliance theme Basic wave with a Stunning Steve Austin, Rick Rude with new head sculpt, Medusa and another Larry Zbysko.

Mattel WWE BAF guess - JJ Dillon

JJ Dillon. A WWE BAF line focused around the Four Horsemen could be the best way to get their illustrious manager in figure form. Mattel doesn’t have to stay true to any particular era of the Horsemen.

This might be the ideal way to get a 1995-1999 era bowal cut Ric Flair or a 1983-1988 Barry Windham head sculpt. Toss in a Mr. Perfect and a Lex Luger with more of an 87-88 look and we’re all set.

Mattel WWE BAF guess - Ellering

The best guess? Paul Ellering. Unlike most of the potential suspects, Ellering is still on TV thanks to his role in NXT as the manager of The Authors of Pain. And Ellering’s look hasn’t dramatically changed from 1989 to now.

Skewing younger would be the best of both world’s for Mattel as they could get NXT fans to have him accompany their AOP and older collectors who want the mouthpiece of the Road Warriors to position between Hawk and Animal.

Photo Credit: WWE.com
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