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Marvel Legends Lady Sif figure review – A-Force SDCC 2017 set

Lady Sif is one of the cooler characters in the Thor mythos. I’ve always liked that she was this kick tail Asgardian warrior who didn’t need anyone’s help in battle and always had Thor’s back.

Given the Thor spotlight courtesy of Thor: Ragnarok, I was a little surprised Sif didn’t get a standalone figure instead of being slotted in the exclusive A-Force box set. I was tempted to get the set, but ultimately, I wasn’t thrilled with the costume choice for Monica Rambeau, the execution of She-Hulk and no use for Lady Loki. But thanks to eBay, I got a solo Sif and she proved worth hunting down.

Marvel Legends A-Force Lady Sif figure review - in plastic tray

Packaging:  The A-Force packaging looks great. It’s a really nice dynamic setup that pops on the shelves and showcases the figures well. There’s even a decent write-up of the various characters. I got the plastic tray Sif was contained in, which wasn’t as impressive, but got the job done.

Marvel Legends A-Force Lady Sif figure review -wide likeness

Likeness:  I don’t have to look too close to see a little Kirby influence on this headsculpt and helmet setup. It’s wide with flowing, windswept hair. The expression is neutral allowing her to work in any setting. Rather than creating new specific shoulders, Hasbro gave Sif a cloak with the shoulder pads.

Gladiator Thor Deluxe Version Marvel Sixth Scale Figure

Hasbro built Sif off the Angela buck with a new torso and added parts on the gauntlets. That was a case of smart planning as Angela makes for a sensible reuse. Otherwise, it might have taken a while before Hasbro would get around to her given all the necessary unique sculpted areas. I don’t think we’ve seen the pleated skirt before and it further helps to make Sif stand out from other female figures.

Marvel Legends A-Force Lady Sif figure review -with Beta Ray Bill, Thor and Odin

Scale:  As an Asgardian, Sif is taller than the regular female figure. I like the distinction on this subtler side than the giant size of the newer Hasbro Thor figures.


Paint:  Red and white are a nightmare combination, but Hasbro handled this fine. The line work is nice and clean. Sif’s upper half is cast in red to help ensure consistency with the proper shade. The white on the outfit is bright with a pearlescent coverage on the gauntlets. The cape/cloak has some blue shading, which is weird given how Hasbro did the rest of the white.

Articulation: The Angela mold is nicely poseable and allows for some fun action poses. The cloak limits some of that, but it’s not completely restrictive and lifts up for most sword swinging poses. That creates a weird look to the figure, but it doesn’t hinder movement. If you’d prefer, you can just take the cape off.

Marvel Legends A-Force Lady Sif figure review -raising sword

Sif has:

  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Elbows (double-jointed)
  • Torso
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Knees (double-jointed)
  • Ankles

Marvel Legends A-Force Lady Sif figure review - with Thor vs Loki and Enchantress

Accessories:  Sif is one of the few figures in the boxset to get accessories. She comes with a sword. It’s not groundbreaking, but at least the hilt is red. Sif also comes with her standard cape, which is removable.

Marvel Legends A-Force Lady Sif figure review -vs Enchantress

Worth It?  The A-Force set is $120, which breaks down exactly to the standard retail price of $20 a figure. Minus the attraction of a BAF. I paid slightly more for Sif on her own, but I wasn’t that interested in grabbing the other characters.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Barring the popping collar, Sif is a great figure and well worth tracking down whether in the box set or separate.

Marvel Legends A-Force Lady Sif figure review -with Beta Ray Bill and Thor

Where to Get It? Depends on your interest. eBay is the only real choice for loose figures. Naturally, the best bet for the full set is via Toys R Us either in stores or the website.