DC Comics reviews for 11/8/17

Action Comics #991

Action Comics #991 cover

I’m really curious what DC has in store for issue #1000 of Action Comics. There’s enough time obviously, but it’s going to take a special story to top the conclusion of The Oz Effect.

Kicking off the theme for the week, writer Dan Jurgens pays off all the various big storylines since Action’s Rebirth run started. It’s interesting looking back to the beginning of DC Rebirth and the early Action stories and wondering if Jurgens’ prime had passed. Fast forward to now and I’m wondering how many more future instant classics he has in store for readers.

Jurgens has methodically paced this confrontation between Mr. Oz and Superman. For Superman, it was a matter of deciding whether to trust this man who claimed to be his father Jor-El. And for Jor-El, his focus is on convincing his son mankind is not worth his efforts. No matter what Superman does, humanity will give in to its basest instincts. It’s an interestingly meta take on Superman in modern times. He might be Superman, but not even he can save humanity from itself.

Action Comics #991 interior art

Aside from Jon’s weird hairstyle, artist Viktor Bogdanovic is delivering the best work of his DC run. Jurgens provided breakdowns and Bogdanovic ran with the ball. I’m glad Bogdanovic was able to complete this arc to provide artistic continuity, which has become a sticking point for some DC books even in the midst of big storylines. Bogdanovic also provided ink work along with Trevor Scott and Scott Hanna. Hopefully this wasn’t too unwieldly a set-up for the creators as this was the best-looking issue of the arc. Mike Spicer’s colors continued to impress.

But the big surprise is that Jurgens provides a clear answer to Oz’s identity with the biggest lead-in to Doomsday Clock yet.  The final two pages are some of the absolute best Superman pages I’ve read. Jurgens masterfully sums up Superman’s mission statement and revitalizes the never-ending battle in a fresh, contemporary manner. This was a great read and one that sets Action Comics up strong for its next big milestone.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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