DC Comics reviews for 11/8/17

Batman: Lost #1

Batman Lost #1 cover

Grab your copy of Batman: Lost and get set for the biggest mind screw of Dark Nights Metal yet.

Long since retired from operating as Batman, a now 78-year-old Bruce Wayne retells glory days to his granddaughter. But there’s something more sinister than old age preventing him from remembering events clearly. And how does it tie in to Bruce’s inspiration to becoming Batman?

Scott Synder, the co-architect of Dark Night: Metal, teams with James Tynion IV and Joshua Williamson and artists Doug Mahnke, Yanick Paquette and Jorge Jimenez.

This was a great read as it borrowed elements from Batman’s journey through time in The Return of Bruce Wayne. Morrison really shook up the status quo from Batman during his run and Snyder is ensuring his run isn’t just as good, but equally memorable and surprising.

Batman Lost #1 interior art

But the best part was the writers gave Batman a new mystery to solve. Batman the detective is always one of the more fascinating portrayals of the character as that’s his superpower. More so than being a billionaire capable of creating all those wonderful toys. Batman’s mind is on an entirely different level and making him work to crack a case always leads to good stories.

One low-key fascinating aspect to Metal is the blatant and subtle references to Hawkman. I definitely get the sense he’s going to play a pivotal role in the conclusion of the story.

Swapping out artists made sense here due to the ever-changing nature of the story. Mahnke and Paquette delivered as expected with various tones, but Jimenez was a real surprise here proving he’s more versatile than the fun-loving Super Sons.

Lost is an atypical tie-in as you don’t have to read it to follow the Metal story, but it adds a level of suspense and drama that it’s almost a disservice to the experience to skip it.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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