DC Comics reviews for 11/8/17

Detective Comics #968

Detective Comics #968 cover

A Lonely Place of Living beautifully concluded one of the best Detective Comics arcs since Rebirth began. If only every book could so gracefully handle the return of a presumed dead character.

The Bat Family was in a bad way last issue with the future Batman activating Brother Eye to help his plans to kill Batwoman. And not even the combined might of the Gotham Knights and the former Robins might be enough to stop him.

Writer James Tynion IV used this storyline to pose a fantastic question for his title. While Batman might need a Robin — or Red Robin in this case — does Tim Drake still his superhero identity? Seeing his future self essentially broken and taking steps that go against so many of his current day beliefs might be enough to convince him. While Batman, the Robins and the Gotham Knights battle Brother Eye, it falls on Tim to get through to his future self and prevent this catastrophe.

Tynion continues to prove he’s tremendous at handling team books. Even with four additional characters, Batman’s current team doesn’t get shortchanged. This definitely has me anticipating more team-ups with the regular team and the Robins.

And he comes up with a scenario so over the top Scott Snyder is going to be jealous he didn’t come up with it first.

Detective Comics #968 interior art

Alvaro Martinez’s art is well-suited for Detective. Martinez isn’t afraid of packing in a ton of background details to really make this world feel lived in and full of life. There’s a strong sense of the scope of Martinez’s Gotham and it’s more than just the backdrop to all the action. The action sequences also looked smooth with Raul Fernandez’s inks and Tomeu More’s colors completing the presentation.

This read like a well-thought out story where Tynion makes good on his early stint on the book while setting up a slew of interesting future possibilities. Where does Tim Drake go from here? How will Spoiler react to his return? How does Batwoman react to the news she could doom the Bat family and what does Damian do to Jonathan Kent?

Tynion might not be able to get to all these future mysteries, but there’s no better book to have Batman and company start a proactive mission to ensure that future doesn’t become reality.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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