DC Comics reviews for 11/8/17

The Flash #34

The Flash #34 cover

Black Hole Rising kicks off what looks to be another strong storyline while paying off a subplot dating back from the initial Rebirth arc.

In the fallout with Godspeed, Flash thought his new romantic interest Meena was dead. Now she’s mysteriously returned after all this time, but it might not be a happy reunion. Meena knows what’s really causing Barry’s powers to go so out of control and it could prove fatal if they don’t find an immediate solution.

Michael Moreci teams up with Joshua Williams to script this issue. There were no significant out of character moments so it was nice to see such a smooth collaboration. Of special note, Barry constantly blaming himself for those around him proves he’s still struggling with his last encounter with Reverse Flash.

The Flash #34 interior art

Pop Mhan’s art was inconsistent. Some pages looked great with smart perspectives that did a terrific job conveying Barry’s emotional reunion with Meena. Other pages lacked details and had stilted looking action. Fortunately for Mhan, colorist Ivan Plascencia provided his usual fantastic work to beautifully sell the mood and moments.

I like where Williamson and Moreci are going with this storyline. It’s not the most shocking, but it’s another solid arc that makes effective use of The Flash’s recent history.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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