DC Comics reviews for 11/8/17

Titans #17

Teen Titans #17 cover

The monthly release schedule made this payoff to the Titans’ traitor feel longer than it was, but this issue made the wait worth it.

Regular artist Brett Booth needed a break so Minkyu Jung fills in. That makes more sense with the artists on bi-weekly titles, but a little disappointing on a monthly book. Fortunately, Jung does a great job with the artwork with emotive faces that don’t have the characters ‘overacting’ like Booth’s pencils.

Abnett explores the path that took Troia from founding Titans member to a cynical, jaded being capable of massive power. DC has done a lot of future heroes turned villains revisiting their present-day self lately, but Abnett’s take hits all the right notes. That’s largely due to him placing such a huge emphasis on the idea that the Titans are more than a team or even friends, but a family.

Teen Titans #17 interior art

Beyond the initial plan, Troia has a deeper, far reaching agenda for her younger self to realize. What makes this so compelling is from a certain standpoint, Troia’s mindset makes sense. She’s not a typical, cliché future villain. Her motives and origins are understandable.

The only downer is Abnett devotes so much space for Troia’s origin, there’s no time for the decisive battle. Or more than a tease on how Kid Flash can save Wally West. If nothing else, Titans is a book that always has me eager for the next installment.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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