Image Comics reviews 11-8-17

Coyotes #1

coyotes cover #1

The first issue in a new series, Coyotes explores a beautiful yet painful world for Latino women and a girl who wants to save them. Found in a room full of death, Red gets escorted into police custody to explain what happened. Her tale is dark, tragic, and bloody and there appears to be no end in sight.

Coyotes is definitely not a series to miss out on in the slightest. Driven by powerful women, this series hints at addressing a larger issue than what is seen on its gorgeously crafted surface. Only women are targeted by wolves that feast on their flesh strongly suggests this series is tackling the senseless violence against women simply because they are women. This theme is explored frequently but often can come off as an after school special in its execution but Coyotes is not like that at all.

Art from Caitlin Yarsky brings out the violent, suspenseful tone yet still manages to make characters look believable as their emotions range from happiness to impending tragedy. Writing by Sean Lewis creates dialogue that is believable and develops a story that would catch the attention of fans of fantasy and horror. One issue might be too early to say this but I’d definitely enjoy a tv show or movie with this universe.

Coyotes #1 is a strong opening to a new series and I hope the momentum keeps going in further issues. — Pierre Brown

Rating: 10 out of 10

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