Image Comics reviews 11-8-17

Port of Earth #1

port of earth #1 cover

This new Image series brings aliens to Earth. Their agenda was not global domination nor peace; Aliens basically just wanted a fuel station. Their fuel being water was practically harmless and for awhile there were no issue with this arrangement. Until the day a human shot at an alien, causing the alien to kill that human. Soon the ESA, (Earth Security Agents), were created to enforce the rules for using Earth’s Port and to safely deport aliens that do not adhere to policy.

This sci-fi thriller has the potential to be a pretty good series to read. Aliens in a fictional earth is almost as popular as zombies in a fictional earth so it can be hard to garner attention with so much media that seems the same. Fortunately writing from Zack Kaplan manages to bring an original concept to the table and creates a story that feels believable.

Port of Earth #1 is recommended for fans of sci-fi and especially fans of the Men in Black franchise. — Pierre Brown

Rating: 7 out of 10

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