Image Comics reviews 11-8-17

Rose Vol. 1

In this fantasy adventure written by Meredith Finch and illustrated by Ig Guara, the land of Ttereve is under siege. An evil sorceress, Queen Drucilla, aims to extinguish all magic from the land and prevent the powerful Khats from inhabiting the land as well. Unfortunately for her, there’s a new Guardian growing in power after the death of her mother and her name is Rose. Collecting issues 1 thru 6 of Rose, this is the story of a new and magical heroine.

I’ve heard much about this series. The early issues series have been hard to come across in comic book stores and for good reason. An original concept is to be found here with women seated as main characters on opposing ends of the spectrum. The art is beautiful, consistent, and easy to follow and the writing is engaging. Drucilla is a cruel Queen, not even children are safe from her “cleansings” of towns and she even resurrects the dead lover of a closeted soldier named Dante to exterminate him.

The protagonist Rose is a fascinating character to watch as she grows into a Guardian. Initially not fully aware of what her magical powers mean and how to fully use them, watching her grow into her power provides insight and further character development. This technique Meredith Finch uses also provides plenty of exposition and a true sense of the beautiful yet tragic world surrounding the characters which is something some Image writers do not always use.

This fantasy has all the right ingredients to became an epic and perhaps have a long run if this is what is in store. Fans of fantasy like Game of Thrones will find something to love about this series like I have. Issue# 6 ends with a cliffhanger and I intend to keep an eye out for this series. — Pierre Brown

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics

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