The Flash: Girls Night Out review S4 E5

Honestly, Girls Night Out would have been a far better episode had the boys stayed out of it.

Instead, the great Caitlin spotlight episode kept getting interrupted by stupid hijinks with Barry and company. It was time for the bachelor and bachelorette parties and it was a race to see who would have the lamest.

Cisco took the early lead by making a video of Barry and Iris through childhood. That’s great for the reception, but not so much for the bachelor party. Fortunately, Ralph swooped in to break up this snooze fest and take the boys out for a real bachelor party at a strip club. I know scheduling is always dicey, but it seemed weird that newcomer Ralph made crashed the party, but Barry’s legit friends like say Oliver, Diggle and oh… I don’t know Wally should have been there. Or at least explain why no one else made it.


At least Felicity cleared her schedule. Guess Jesse was too busy being the world’s worst daughter and girlfriend to come to the bachelorette party? And Gypsy’s absence here seemed weird too considering she’s been around Team Flash so often. It also seemed very odd that throughout four CW shows, Felicity was the only viable female who could hang out with Iris. That made for a small bachelorette crew of Cecile, Caitlin, Felicity and Iris. I love how easily Emily Bett Rickards plays off the Team Flash crew. She almost fits better on The Flash now than she does on Arrow.

Cisco tried to atone for his previous crappy best man duties by whipping up a bachelor elixir that allowed Barry to get drunk. That was good for a few laughs with Barry outing himself as The Flash. And Cisco appointed himself the designated superhero was a funny line. This strip club was pretty tame and seemed to only have two strippers. Joe saw Cecile’s daughter dancing at the club in the name of feminism empowerment. Like Cisco, I’m pretty sure that’s not how it works.

The Flash Girls Night review Joe and Barry

Eventually this led to a cliché bar fight that landed Joe, Barry, Cisco and Ralph in prison. Why Joe got arrested instead of Harry made no sense. At least it gave Joe time to fess up to Barry about being freaked out about parenthood. That was a nice moment, but for that payoff, I’d rather the guys just stayed home.

But the girls definitely run the world on The Flash when it comes to crazy parties.

The writers didn’t drag out Caitlin’s mysterious benefactor who helped her gain control of Killer Frost. It was Amunet Black aka Blacksmith played by a scene stealing Katee Sackhoff. Blacksmith is a relatively newer Rogue who is another mistress of magnetism like The Gifted’s Polaris.

The Flash Girls Night review Blacksmith

Sackhoff was amazing here as she fully played up the disingenuous black-market arms dealer. The writers seemed inspired by her powers and came up with some clever ways to use them including a metal gauntlet that could launch shrapnel or turn into a shield. Blacksmith found a new meta whose tears could provide a drug rush like high. This part felt kinda silly as the meta teared up whenever he was punched.

Caitlin had to come clean to Iris that she’s been fighting Killer Frost for control leading to some nice scenes between the two. I appreciated that the writers acknowledged Iris and Caitlin don’t do enough together outside of Team Flash work. It was Iris’ encouragement that finally gave Caitlin/Killer Frost confidence to trust herself to take down Blacksmith. With the help of a giant magnet.

The Flash Girls Night review Killer Frost

I’m glad the writers are giving Caitlin an actual storyline this season. Hopefully it’s not fully resolved or she’ll regularly be joining Barry and Cisco in the field now. Iris can run things from STAR Labs.

Iris also took to heart Killer Frost saying she and Caitlin were only work friends and asked Caitlin a favor. The making an ice sculpture line was pretty great too. No, Iris wants Caitlin to be her maid of honor. That’s a nice touch and a perfectly emotionally Flash way to cap a tremendous spotlight for the women. Too bad they didn’t just get to be the entire focal point of Girls Night Out.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW