WWE Network Spotlight History of The Undertaker figure set

Toys R Us has a new exclusive WWE Network Spotlight History of The Undertaker set coming. This one managed to avoid getting leaked and proves it’s still nice to be surprised.

This is a pretty cool set for Basic collectors. Mattel continues to tease Elite fans by showing the 1998 Attitude Era Undertaker a lot of us have been clamoring for in Basic form. Hopefully that means an Elite version of this look is coming very soon. There was no way a five-pack was going to cover all of The Dead Man’s looks over the decades. Still, I would have probably swapped out the purple gloved version for a Biker Taker version to hit most of his significant eras. The crazy thing is Mattel could easily make another five-pack with more of Taker’s looks.

Here’s the product description:

Recreate favorite matches with this collectible 5-pack of Undertaker figures in approximately 6-inch Superstar scale. This awesome collection features key Undertaker moments from his exciting career era: Undertaker’s 1990 Debut, 1994 Undertaker, 2008 Undertaker, 2014 Undertaker and 2016 Undertaker. Pose these Undertaker figures in menacing stances, pair against each other or match up with other figures (each sold separately, subject to availability) to battle it out and create total mayhem! Each Undertaker figure features articulation, amazing accuracy and authentic Superstar details. Let the WWE mayhem begin!

WWE Network Spotlight Action Figure Set - History of The Undertaker - Undertaker 5 Pack loose


WWE Network Spotlight Action Figure Set - History of The Undertaker - action posesAt $50 the set is exactly what five Basic figures would run you although in this case, maybe a few coats and hats would have been a nice addition?

You can check out the set here although it’s not yet in stock.

Photo Credit: Mattel