The Walking Dead: Some Guy review S8 E4

I was wrapping up The Punisher so it took me way longer than usual to watch The Walking Dead. While I desperately tried to avoid spoilers, I knew that somebody was dying on Some Guy. Watching Walking Dead and knowing someone is going to die makes for a much more nerve-wracking experience than going in cold especially when it features one of my favorite characters.

Everything started off well with a flashback to Ezekiel rallying The Kingdom as they prepare for All Out War. Ezekiel has this undeniable charisma that what he’s saying doesn’t even need to make sense it results in people following him. The only time that’s not a good thing? When the fallen Kingdom soldiers have become walkers and are still following him…to have a kingly meal.

I was far more interested in Ezekiel’s flight when that sorta familiar, but nameless remaining Kingsman was helping him. Then the nerdy Savior killed him and pushed Ezekiel around. A bullying nerd is the worst kind and he was annoyingly obnoxious with his random stops with a walker horde close behind just to harass Ezekiel. This felt like it went on way too long. Nerdy Savior’s most redeeming factor was standing straight enough for Jerry to split him in two with his axe.

The Walking Dead Some Guy review Jerry

Jerry wasn’t the only one having some major moments in Some Guy. Carol was back to her old Terminus destruction self as she gunned down some Saviors and had a standoff with four more. I wish the leader of the gun running crew, played by Constantine’s Charles Halford, could have stuck around longer.

Faced with the choice of saving Jerry and Ezekiel or letting the Saviors make off with the guns, Carol didn’t take long to help her allies. I wonder if prison flu virus killer Carol would have made the same choice? But all wasn’t lost as Rick and Daryl teleported in from wherever they’ve been to chase them down. It was a little weird that the Kingdom massacre gun created a Cersei level extinction event, but couldn’t rip through Rick’s jeep. I’ll chalk it up to fast moving targets. And Rick and Daryl’s protective shield of overwhelming collective coolness no doubt helped too.

I was very puzzled that Ezekiel, Carol and Jerry walked through the woods to get back to The Kingdom. With a badly limping Ezekiel, radioing in for a ride probably would have made a lot more sense. Of course, if they did that they wouldn’t have encountered the toxic waste walkers — some of the most ingeniously nasty looking walkers on the show so far.

The Walking Dead Some Guy review Rick Grimes

When all hope is lost — again — Shiva makes the last minute save, but this time gets devoured by the walkers. I get that Shiva had to get the direwolf treatment due to budgetary reasons, but she managed to avoid getting shot by the Saviors in the battle to save Alexandria. I can’t see how slow-moving walkers would have ever killed her.

At least Shiva’s death will serve a purpose. Ezekiel is ready to lay down his crown and just go back to being some guy. His grand emboldening of The Kingdom got most of the fighters killed.

We’ve seen how Rick reacts when a couple of friends die. How will Ezekiel respond when his Kingdom is no more? The Walking Dead writers like to get introspective with their characters and of all the soul-searching interludes we’ve seen, Ezekiel’s could prove to be one of the most interesting.

Some Guy dragged on at points especially while Ezekiel was hostage, but the back end provided some nice moments. The biggest might turn the man who would be king into being something far greater in restoring the kingdom.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: AMC