Image Comics reviews for the week of 11-15-17

Curse Words #10

Curse Words 10

In Issue #9 of Curse Words ended with quite a few loose ends but Violet emerged victorious from the tournament. In Issue #10, she gets her prize and is off to the human world to battle Wizord. This battle will not be swift since Wizord has his own protection and a new foe may be arising behind the action.

Curse Words seems to get better and better, moving forward in ways that are unpredictable. In my ideal world, Violet would slay Wizord leaving Margaret and Ruby to piece the world back together as they simultaneously attack Sizzajee. However, the way the story continues to flow leads to many more plot lines including the fan favorite Jacques Zacques. Wizord proves to be a formidable opponent as meanwhile Margaret finds herself in trouble.

Issue #10 keeps Curse Words fresh and interesting this far in the series and should not be neglected to read for fans of the series. –Pierre Brown

Rating: 10 out of 10