Image Comics reviews for the week of 11-15-17

Dark Fang #1

In the new Image series Dark Fang, the vampire Valla has a plan to seek vengeance for the destruction of her underwater home. Her story will be bloody, sensual, and possibly even psychologically probing.

Although Dark Fang has a lot going for it, this issue was literally a monologue. Very little dialogue is had between Valla and other characters. Most of this issue serves as an explanation to how she got to the point of sex work. Her rise to fame is nowhere near realistic and her vampire powers are certainly to credit for her riches and fame, however this form of sex work isn’t explored often in entertainment. Her webcam for pay profession is not so uncommon and this was likely chosen on purpose to serve the bigger picture of the message behind the monologue.

The art was slightly cartoonish for an action horror series and had moments of what I’m sure was unintentional comedy. Most of the violence was hard to take seriously however the emotions Valla experiences are believable as she adjusts to life on the surface once more. Slow at times, but also full of social commentary Dark Fang is not completely passable. I’ll hold out on being too harsh on this series since I’m aware of the message this art form is trying to convey. Make next issue will be a bit clearer and less monologue-ish. –Pierre Brown

Rating: 7 out of 10