Image Comics reviews for the week of 11-15-17

Generation Gone #5

Generation Gone 5

Issue #4 ends with Ellie being thought to be dead as Nick goes on a hyper violent, murderous rampage. Ellie was simply unconscious we learn in Issue #5 of Generation Gone and Nick’s rampage mode is still active. The government tries to intervene again, Ellie tries to calm Nick down again, but Baldwin is fed up and driving a car to the location. How will this arc of Generation Gone end?

This series keeps up its momentum as Nick and Ellie go head to head once again but Ellie’s love for Nick reaches annoying heights yet simultaneously its shocking conclusion. My favorite character in this issue is Baldwin who has had more of his fair share of Nick’s nonsense as he attempts to stop him once and for all.

Another theme in this series is the ties of family as Ellie later decides to make a deal with the government to cure her mother. Her choice appears to have dark consequences that may be addressed sometime in 2018.

Issue #5 says goodbye to this set of characters for now and hopefully an announcement will come soon for when we should expect to see them again. –Pierre Brown

Rating: 7 out of 10