Image Comics reviews for the week of 11-15-17

Maestros #2

Maestros #2 cover

Issue #1 of the new Image Series Maestros set the stage for a new fantasy comedy with a man inheriting his murdered father’s throne as Wizard King. Issue #2 sets William on the throne and his rules are strict; Equal rights for everyone, social equality for all that live in the realm. This Khalessi Reform, (a loving nod to the just Daenerys Targaryen, Khalessi in A Song of Ice and Fire Novels/Game of Thrones tv show), does little to please to the magic council formed before his reign. During changing his world, William also runs into his long-lost love and plans to have her by his side.

This issue was even better than the first with engaging writing and political intrigue. Maestros has a great combination of several different themes throughout concerning consequences of changing harsh social inequality as well as growing pains. William’s life as a young magician doesn’t come without its scars since his own teacher burned him alive, leaving him crisp for weeks. The end of the issue also leaves a new reason to pay attention to this fantasy tale as William is betrayed by a force that was slightly hinted in the word choices of the character early in the issue.

Maestros looks to be growing better with each issue and I look forward to December’s Issue. –Pierre Brown

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics