The Punisher: The Judas Goat review S1 E6

The Judas Goat brings the first casualty of the regular cast and in keeping with Marvel Netflix it was a doozy. And naturally with that title, half the fun this episode was determining the traitor.

But first, Micro had to get Frank patched up. Much as I enjoy seeing her on camera, I was happy that through some weird coincidence, Micro knew Claire. Instead, he tracked down Curtis. One of the best parts of Micro is he provides just the right amount of realistic comic relief. He doesn’t act silly, but realistic things like too much blood make him squeamish. He doesn’t make a sandwich for Frank and he wears that pimping silk robe all the time. He’s quirky funny, but he does come through like making sure Gunner’s body got discovered.

Curtis isn’t happy Micro brought him back in to this life, but Curtis had other problems in this episode. Lewis was handing out pamphlets at city hall leading to a confrontation with an overzealous police officer. Not surprisingly, O’Connor wanted no parts of helping his young recruit out and didn’t try to help Lewis from getting arrested. Curtis bailed Lewis out and dropped the major truth bomb that O’Connor never served in Vietnam. All his popping off rhetoric and he never even saw combat.


Predictably, Lewis didn’t take this well and confronted him leading to our first somewhat significant supporting cast death. But with Lewis back in a killing state of mind, will O’Connor be his only victim? The Curtis/Lewis subplot has been so much more engaging than the typical side stories. It helps that Lewis has a clear problem and is struggling to find ways to resolve it. I hope Curtis can get him the real help he needs, but I’m betting against either of them surviving this season.

Madani has been getting it in with Billy…literally. They’re like machines! After a another all-night session, Billy finds her file on Frank, putting an abrupt end to pillow talk time. Eventually Madani tells Billy that Frank is still alive. But judging by his random radio call-outs to Frank, Billy was already aware.

Frank finally listens to Micro and meets up with Billy. He was saying all the right things, but this reunion felt weird and not at all like I was expecting. It just took the final scene to explain that uneasy feeling. Billy is working with Rawlins!


I was kinda hoping Billy was really a good guy and Ben Barnes was just providing a mysterious air to throw us off. Logistically, it makes sense as being in bed with Rawlins explains how Billy got the financing for Anvil. And it was probably Anvil goons that went after Frank and Gunner. How else would Rawlins find Frank so quickly and have a death squad at the ready? So while this betrayal seemed too obvious, at least it makes sense.

I don’t think Frank guessed that yet, especially with him visiting Sarah and saying things are about to turn around for the family. Hopefully Frank won’t be in the dark too long.

The Judas Goat kept the action to a minimum, but the tension with Lewis and Curtis and the reveal of Billy’s betrayal helped make up for it. Still, it will be nice to see Frank snap back into action again.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: Nicole Rivelli/Netflix

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