The Punisher: Resupply review S1 E4

In a good sign for The Punisher, even a cool down episode like Resupply has enough meaningful moments to be interesting.

After finally deciding he can work with Mico, Frank knows he needs to resupply for his ongoing war against crime. That leads him to a run-in with the Phil Coulson of Marvel Netflix — Turk. As usual, Turk gives just enough info to keep himself alive. Not even The Punisher can stomach killing The Turk apparently.

With his PTSD getting worse, Lewis signs up with Anvil, Billy’s contract unit comprised of ex-military. Lewis looks like he’s finally found a place to belong and instantly starts taking a leadership role by encouraging his peers and sharing in a way he was never able to in the support group. But Curtis is concerned about him. Creating a makeshift bunker in his basement wasn’t a good indicator of his mental health. Curtis warns Billy that Lewis is eventually going to snap. I really liked that Billy wasn’t this skeevy guy who ignored Curtis’ advice and didn’t just use Lewis for his own purposes. But it’s clear Lewis getting kicked out of Anvil is going to take this subplot to a very dark place.


In Resupply’s slowest segment, Frank returned to Micro’s house to fill out some insurance paperwork for Sarah. The irony isn’t lost that Frank is walking into the same family setup as the one he lost while Micro can only watch from his cameras.

Madani and Stein finally start connecting to the main plot as they’re working on an arms bust of a weapons filled truck — the same one Frank is pursuing. But first, Frank has to stock up on some vehicles leading him to a fencing operation. The crooks running it might be some bad dudes, but they’re not Frank Castle level of violent efficiency. This results in a crazy Easter Egg reminiscent of the Marvel Select Punisher action figure that came with a Punisher victim on a pinball machine.

Jon Bernthal continues to own this role and his forceful ordering of Micro is quickly becoming a highlight of every episode. This week’s sage advice comes as Micro starts getting nauseous after seeing Frank’s handiwork — ‘don’t leave your DNA for the police to find.’ That makes sense. As does ‘pissed off beats scared every time.’ Frank Castle – motivational speaker, ladies and gentlemen.


This provides a comic book Easter Egg with Frank taking a Mustang as he always buys American and Micro taking his signature black van. While Madani prepared for every expected scenario, she didn’t count on Castle and Micro crashing her party. Frank’s flamethrower proves a major deterrent for the pursuing agents after he seizes the truck. ‘In five seconds you’re either going to be really warm or really wet’ was a great line.

Madani realizes what’s happening and goes after the truck leading to a decent car chase with Castle. The camerawork was a little too tight and it’s hard to work up much tension with no one else on the road. Micro ends the game of chicken by crashing Madani’s car. Frank probably goaded him too much about not getting his hands dirty…

As he gets her away from the burning car, Frank admits he killed Wolf because he was dirty and warns her to stay away. That was a great ending. Resupply wasn’t the most exciting episode, but it advanced the story without losing all the momentum.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: Netflix