The Punisher: Crosshairs review S1 E7

Crosshairs amped up the action this week as The Punisher avoids the midway part slump that’s affected most Marvel Netflix shows. No, with both Frank’s main plot and Lewis’ subplot heating up, there doesn’t appear to be an imminent letdown.

Lewis’ subplot has shown surprising legs. As he continues to spiral, Lewis remains a sympathetic character. Punisher has been less a show about a vigilante, but about how veterans learn to cope with life in the real world. Some like Billy thrive looking out for themselves. Others like Curtis get by in helping others. Frank endures from protecting others and killing criminals. But for Lewis? That search for purpose has made his arc so compelling. It’s been entertainingly informative on veterans’ plight and is well-timed a week after Veterans Day. If you or any servicemen/women you know need assistance, check out this website.

I really hope that whatever direction Lewis’ subplot goes, his father doesn’t get killed. We don’t often see a loving, caring father in these series so it’d be nice for his efforts to be rewarded without getting killed. Hopefully that was just O’Connor in the shower curtain and not Lewis’ dad.

Punisher’s main weakness has been following along with Frank’s various missions. They play out kind of like random tasks and how they tie into the overall story has consistently felt shaky. That’s not a huge deal when it leads to cool Frank fight scenes. This episode, he’s sneaking into a military base to get to Col. Bennett, a military official with some connection to Agent Orange.


And he’s a kinky little bugger as he’s got Baywatch’s Ilfenesh Hadera serving as his dominatrix. dominating him. I know he’s going on a covert mission and all, but at this point in the series I’m ready for Frank to rock his skull shirt/vest again.

I dug the fight in the smoke filled office with the laser sights looking like lightsabers piercing through the fog. And the Metal Gear Solid homage with Frank sneaking up on Billy’s men and dragging them away was a nice touch.

Frank and Micro’s banter has been a highlight of the series with Jon Bernthal and Ebon Moss-Bachrach creating an 80s action comedy vibe. It probably would be a lot easier when you can kill people, Frank. Madani and Stein didn’t have a lot going on beyond her suspecting and finding the bug in her office.

Billy started showing his dark side when he gutted Bennett. It’s tricky keeping up with everyone’s role in the Castle family murders, but that’s one less person to worry about. The highlight of the episode came when Frank literally had Rawlins in his crosshairs. And for whatever reason when Frank starts reciting Penny and Dime, it just sounds cool. Too bad for Frank Rawlins has reinforced bulletproof glass. Gonna have to work a little harder on this kill, Frank.

Crosshairs proved the bad guys won’t be taken out too easily ensuring Frank has a significant challenge still ahead.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: Nicole Rivelli/Netflix