The Punisher: Danger Close review S1 E11

Danger Close was the episode Punisher fans have been waiting on all season. Maybe most of that was from watching The Punisher in action once again, but there was a lot of other great moments as well.

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Billy didn’t bother trying to smile and bluff his way through this one. He went on the offensive offering Anvil’s services to take down Castle then smugly went to Madani’s office and rattle off all her various conflicts of interest. Billy’s good, but he is such a bastard.

Rawlins was working his angles too convincing Marion Jones to back his play to bring in Castle. No sense for the CIA’s reputation to get tarnished over a wack job. Marion is mostly on the fence when confronted about Rawlins actions by Ravi and Madani. That one scene showed somehow this season needed more interaction with Marion and Madani.


To solidify this plan, Billy had some of his goons grab Sarah and Zach Lieberman. At first it seemed like it was going to be a ridiculously convenient moment for the one time Micro wasn’t watching his family like a hawk on surveillance they’d get taken away. Luckily Frank noticed something was wrong and sent Micro to get Leo while he prepared for the assault on their HQ.

Not so lucky for the Anvil squad, Frank was already in a super pissed, limited vocabulary state of mind. He was steaming over Billy’s betrayal and broke out the spray paint and bulletproof vest again. The Punisher is back in business!

Director Kevin Hooks was the benefactor of showing The Punisher fully loaded and unleashed. Credit Jon Bernthal for looking the part in action with his authentic looking attack tactics and firing positions. This battle didn’t play out like a goofy action blockbuster, Hooks shot the carnage like a military force was getting taken out by a superior and more vicious force. We’d waited a while to see The Punisher in action, but it was completely worth it even before the head grenade.


After all the buildup, it was a nice moment to see Micro reunited with Leo, but with Billy holding Sarah and Zach hostage, their might not be a complete family reunion.

Danger Close was the quintessential Punisher episode. It had some insane action as well as some tremendous character moments making for a great episode.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: Netflix

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