The Punisher: Home review S1 E12

Home marked Punisher’s penultimate episode. While it had some nice moments, some of the choices just didn’t work resulting in the weakest episode this season by far. The best part about Home is that it still sets up for a dramatic season finale despite the missteps.

Making good on their deal with Madani, Frank and Micro taped video confessions outing Rawlins and Billy. Micro was less inclined since Billy had Sarah and Zach hostage. But since Frank had something Billy needed it was time for a trade.

If this were the midway point of the season, Micro getting shot would have been more suspenseful. Important supporting characters manage to get all the time in the heart of a season, but there was no way Micro was getting killed by friendly fire. It was a smart ruse by Micro and Madani to get Micro off Billy’s radar. The entire Lieberman family is going to need some massive therapy, especially Sarah and Zach, who grieved Micro’s ‘death’ twice. Still, the family reunion provided one of Home’s best moments.


Micro shined this episode as his loyalty to Frank prevented him from spilling all the info on the plan to Madani. His line about Frank being resigned to die because he’s not sure he deserves to live was good stuff.

Billy played good cop while Rawlins played the beat and pummel cop. The interspersing of Frank and his wife while he got beat down was probably a better idea on paper. Director Jet Wilkinson couldn’t quite make it work and it was a very rare moment where The Punisher got too hokey. Paul Schulze hamming Rawlins’ beat down sequence didn’t help either.


There was some payoff to this seemingly endless beat down as Frank recalled the full conversation he had with his wife. It wasn’t entirely full of lovey dovey moments. She was concerned Frank kept leaving more of himself on the war zone and was legit torn between which place was home. This made for a decent symbolic moment as Frank decided to fight, but it went on too long.

Thankfully Rawlins has been such a sleazy enough character that his death helped redeem some of the weaker moments. Rawlins was feeling himself a bit after pummeling Frank and basically put Billy in his place. That didn’t sit well naturally and Billy subtly betrayed him by breaking Frank’s restraints. Here’s looking at you Rawlins. Jon Bernthal bringing a primal rage to Frank as he gouged Rawlins’ eyes out was terrifying. Not everything Punisher does should feel too pleasant, even if it’s to the awful, despicable villains.

Madani has got all the evidence she needs to nail Billy in the other sense and her men manage to hit him, but Billy’s still on the loose. Not that Madani’s crew will need to bother. Frank still has some payback left to dish out on his old pal.

Home couldn’t fully connect on its grand ideas, but all the pieces are in place for a memorable finale.


Rating: 6.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: Netflix