The Flash: When Harry Met Harry review S4 E6

Most of the time I’m OK with the drastic changes to established comic characters’ origins and powers. When Harry Met Harry proved The Flash has a long way to go in making its take on Elongated Man work.

Flash’s Ralph Dibny is that smarmy kind of guy the super wholesome Team Flash wouldn’t keep around for an hour. Let alone make him part of the team. Ralph is all the more grating because his comic book counterpart was so likable. He wasn’t as good a detective as Batman and his powers weren’t as versatile as Plastic Man. But he was an earnest hero who did his best and had one of the few very stable relationships in comics.

The Flash: When Harry Met Harry review -Barry and Ralph

The Flash has done some great personality/power makeovers like Vibe, Killer Frost and Zoom, but so far Ralph is a major misfire. And that was before he started rattling off bust sizes. Maybe exec producer Andrew Kreisberg thought that was hilarious? He’s likely the only one.


Fortunately Ralph’s vain efforts to bring the funny meant When Harry Met Harry lacked any humor. The gag with HR’s friends being multiverse versions of himself was funny. It was goofy, but the kind The Flash pulls off without being stupid…normally. Tom Cavanagh is always terrific, but his versatility here was awesome. I loved his Slade Wilson impression for the apocalyptic Well. Hopefully the Council of Wells keeps expanding as that could be a great way to keep things light.

Flash and Ralph had to stop the show’s take on Black Bison. I hate being clueless on racial stereotypes as I always thought the Firestorm villain had a cool design that honored the character’s heritage. The show went a more refined PC route, but it wasn’t a bad design. And a villain inspired by wanting to gather valuable artifacts being wasted on collectors gave her enough of a decent meta of the moment backstory.

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It’s so weird that the show runners decided to add Elongated Man to the show when the CGI is so poor it just looks like stacked strips of clay. At least Ralph showed some measure of accountability and decency by the end.

The Flash: When Harry Met Harry review - The Flash

I liked how the entire focus of When Harry Met Harry revolved around the team proactively trying to find DeVoe. If nothing else the team isn’t sitting back and letting him continually come after them. But the Thinker outwitted them by showing up at his doorstep in a wheelchair. Your move Team Flash.

When Harry Met Harry had a goofy subplot that worked, some sense of redeeming Ralph and a villain with a better than average motive making for a really enjoyable episode.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW