DC Comics reviews for 11/22/17

Detective Comics #969

Now that the band is back together, Detective Comics is gunning for DC’s best Rebirth title form again.

The first chapter of Fall of the Batmen dealt with the fallout from A Lonely Place of Living while setting up the next big arc.

First up, Red Robin has a new take on his superhero/vigilante career. He’s not running from his destiny and is reinvigorated to helping Batman and company keep Gotham safe again. This felt like the right call from writer James Tynion IV. One of Tim Drake’s defining characteristics is his certainty that Batman needs family around him. And none of his other ‘children’ have Batman’s ear better. The Bruce/Tim dynamic is one that’s been downplayed since New 52 and I’m looking forward to seeing Tynion explore that further.

Detective Comics #969 cover

Tim’s return leads to another vigilante joining the fold, which makes for a somewhat crowded Bat team. It was a reunion long overdue and one the creative team handled beautifully. But there might be some bad new coming soon though as one of Team Batman’s old foes is planning its own comeback.

I appreciate Tynion adding a new wrinkle to the mayor’s stance on Batman. It’s not the typical vigilantes that help keep the city safe from psychos rhetoric, but a far more nuanced stance. One of the high points of earlier Rebirth Detective arcs was Tynion’s ability to showcase the rest of the team while Batman handled another problem. Fall of the Batmen might prominently feature another group of villains, but another avenue that could lead to the team’s dissolution is Gotham politics.

Joe Bennett handled the pencils this issue, which kept the art quality high. Bennett is a very solid artist with a good command of character posing, emotion and action. Maybe it’s not the flashiest art around, but Bennett is a solid get for this title even if it’s on a fill-in basis.

There’s plenty of reason to be excited again for Detective Comics. Tynion seems ready to unleash a new memorable arc and based on this first issue, he’s well underway.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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