DC Comics reviews for 11/22/17

Justice League #17

Justice League #19 cover

Justice League of America continues to be one of the more disappointing books in all of DC. Not even the presence of two significant JLA villains Prometheus and Dreamslayer can get this book out of its rut.

With Batman gone, the book reads like one of those weak runs before someone like Grant Morrison or Geoff Johns would come along and restore the glory to the team.

Writer Steve Orlando doesn’t bring anything new to Prometheus as he spends the issue posing and taunting Vixen in a showdown intended to embarrass her in front of JLA fans. In the right hands, Prometheus could be just as viable a villain as when Morrison debuted him. Here, he’s just another monologuing bad guy that’s one quick gimmick newly realized power from defeat.

Justice League #19 interior art

Black Canary, Lobo, Atom and Killer Frost deal with the uninspiring Afterthought, who couldn’t have a more fitting moniker.

Hugo Petrus’ art has some occasional flashes, but it’s far too inconsistent and rough for one of DC’s top books.

Surgical Strike wraps its second issue, but there’s little evidence here that the third or fourth chapter can turn things around. JLA is a title badly in need of a spark and that doesn’t seem to be coming anytime soon.

Rating: 3 out of 10  

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