DC Comics reviews for 11/22/17

Suicide Squad #30

Suicide Squad #30 interior art

Based on the final page of the main story, Suicide Squad’s travel into space might prove worth it after all. That doesn’t mean this arc hasn’t been a slog. Writer Rob Williams isn’t afraid to put the team in outlandish situations. There are some fun moments, but overall watching the team battle a giant space dinosaur isn’t exactly the best use of the Suicide Squad. There’s really only so much Harley, Killer Croc, Katana and Captain Boomerang can do here.

Phillip Briones lands over on the title after a long stint on Aquaman. This wasn’t Briones’ best outing, but in fairness, the scenarios Williams came up with here would have made for a hard showcase for most artists.  The backup story with pencils by Willfredo Torres does a great job capturing that Silver Age flavor. It’s a fun treat even if it’s way too short. With the long anticipated ace Williams has kept up his sleeve for months, I’m far more excited about the future of the book with the payoff of this arc. If it took this arc to get there, it will to some extent be worth it.

Rating: 6 out of 10

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