DC Comics reviews for 11/22/17

Teen Titans #14

Teen Titans #14 cover

Let’s hear it for quick story arcs, which is all the more fitting since this capped the return of Kid Flash to the fold. I was really pulling for writer Benjamin Percy to add Emi aka Red Arrow to the mix too. She has a unique personality — that of a regular female character who isn’t an alien or demon spawn. Emi played off the others well and hopefully this will be a deal where Percy, who already writes Emi in Green Arrow, will keep finding random ways to have her hang out with the team.

The main focus of the issue was getting Kid Flash to work through his hard feelings over Damian kicking him off the team. And for Robin to fess up that he royally screwed up in getting rid of a teammate. It took some doing, but thanks to a Green Arrow foe, they quickly reached some common ground. Percy wrote Kid Flash a lot better this issue as he came off more confident and sure of himself like how he’s portrayed now in The Flash.

Teen Titans #14 interior art

Khoi Pham’s artwork was solid even with three inkers. Pham has a firmer grasp of the characters and how to showcase their powers and personalities. That familiarity made for some nice pages that conveyed who the Teen Titans are even without words. Blond provided some coloring help for Jim Charalampidis and the pages had a more vibrant, not so washed out look than usual.

Percy addresses a plot point that’s going on in Detective Comics. While another team-up with Superboy is upcoming, I’m more excited about the prospects of that payoff. Teen Titans is finding its way now and is becoming a reliably entertaining book for DC. This was another indicator that the growing pains are over and the book is only going to get better going forward.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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