DC Comics reviews for 11/22/17

The Flash #35

The Flash #35 cover

Joshua Williamson has more than earned my trust for his work on The Flash. Still, there’s a part that has me questioning if the Negative Flash storyline wrapped too soon.

Granted, as far as convenient ways to ditch Barry’s out of control abilities go, his revenge happy ex, Meena, was pretty inspired. But it seemed like Williamson and co-writer Michael Moreci had more fertile material with Barry learning how to become a more effective speedster with his disaster producing abilities.

On the plus side, Williamson and Moreci have made a rare capable female villain for Flash. Even better, she doesn’t just come off like yet another dull speedster. Meena has some personal stakes that thankfully go beyond unrequited love or some silly jealousy over Iris. Fortunately, Williamson and Moreci work in another villain as Black Hole isn’t the most intimidating threat Flash and Kid Flash have faced.

The Flash #35 interior art

Pop Mhan’s art is decent, but the movement of the speedsters feels off with some awkward perspectives and more extreme expressions than I’d expect with The Flash. More than a lot of the other titles that could manage changing art teams, The Flash is rarely artistically at the same level when Carmine Di Giandomenico isn’t providing pencils.

Black Hole Rising has been a pretty good arc. It’s not at the levels of the best of this run, but there won’t be a huge case of buyer’s remorse, especially with Williamson and Moreci tacking on an interesting cliffhanger.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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