DC Comics reviews for 11/22/17

Wonder Woman #35

Wonder Woman #35 cover

In the right hands an origin story is always fun. James Robinson has always been strong in delivering on those stories and this issue, detailing Wonder Woman’s brother was no different. As far as origins go, it really wasn’t anything that groundbreaking or revelatory. It was just a well laid out story that made for an easy investment in Jason. Robinson weaved an easy to follow story that didn’t do any wholesale damage to established DC continuity. If Hippolyta had a son, she definitely would take every measure to make sure very few Amazons knew about it. Jason’s guardian was also fitting as well as his instructor in warfare.

Wonder Woman #35 interior art

Emanuella Lupacchino’s artwork tells the story well with the character expressions being the most significant component. Lupacchino sells Jason’s excitement of learning he has powers and while some scenarios look somewhat familiar, she takes great care not to draw Jason in iconic young Clark Kent poses. There’s not a lot of major advancement to the overall story as this is more or less an interlude piece, but Robinson still makes it a worthy read even before the arrival of some memorable Kirby creations. This story has delivered nicely so far and I’m looking forward to seeing where Robinson will take it next.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: DC Comics


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