Arrow: Promises Kept review S6 E6

Season 6 hasn’t been perfect, but the change in status quo has really livened Arrow up. Promises Kept was further proof that the Arrow showrunners don’t need to be in any rush to get things back to normal.

It’s too bad the Arrowverse writers wouldn’t fully commit to at least half a season with Diggle as Green Arrow. Not that the Arrow writers seem opposed to it, but that pesky crossover appears like it’s going to force Oliver back as Arrow and sideline Diggle. I wish the Arrowverse would borrow a page from DC Comics, which had John Stewart — not Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern for Crisis on Infinite Earth. Having Diggle front and center would offer an extra element of continuity.

Promises Kept had a dual meaning. For Slade, that meant trying to honor his son Joe and adhere to his loyalty to Oliver. The flashbacks felt a bit tricky here as they tried to delicately place some retconning with a sane Slade hanging with Joe before the Mirakuru kicked in. At least this provided an excuse for another Celina Jade cameo as Shado.

Arrow Promises Kept - Joe and Slade Wilson, Oliver and Nylander

Slade and Joe’s reunion was destined to fail, especially with Oliver running around without any disguise. He was just begging to get caught or captured on video traipsing around instead of being the mayor of Star City. The most important tidbit here was the reversal of the Wilson brothers. Joe wanted to follow in Slade’s footsteps, but his brother, Grant, wants nothing to do with him. That kinda had me wishing the show gave Joe a Ravager costume to truly go all-in with the switch. I’m never not going to think Oliver being so tight with Slade is completely crazy.


Meanwhile, back at Star City, Team Arrow had a new mover and shaker to take down in Ricardo Diaz (Kirk Acevedo). Only problem is Diggle just found out Diaz is the man supplying him with his magic drug. This lead to one of the strongest moments this season with Diggle finally sharing the news with Lyla. I was glad she laid into him for completely going against his morals. There’s a reason why Diggle and Lyla are one of the Arrowverse’s strongest couples. They can be real with each other without acting like children and breaking up every argument. Lyla makes Diggle better and vice versa.

After Team Arrow took down Diaz’s base of operations, Diggle revealed his dirty secret to Dinah, Rene and Curtis. I loved the team’s response and appreciated this didn’t lead to some annoying ‘we can’t trust you’ subplot. But how will Oliver and Felicity react?

Arrow Promises Kept - Diggle as Green Arrow

Promises Kept showed Arrow really can thrive with Oliver away from the team. I’m really enjoying the new team dynamic even if it appears to only have one more episode left.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW

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