Marvel Legends Jessica Jones figure review

Oh, good intentions. I really wanted to review the new Marvel Legends Jessica Jones by the time Defenders hype was still going strong. I overestimated the series’ popularity by months apparently. Well, at least I can still have some Marvel Netflix tie-in with The Punisher.

Jessica Jones was a great Netflix show for eight episodes, then got a bit uneven. Still, Krysten Ritter’s performance quickly won me over to the point I wanted her take on the character displayed on my shelf. Thankfully with the Marvel Legends Netflix wave, I didn’t have to keep her on my most wanted list for long. Let’s see how Hasbro did with the Drunk of Hell’s Kitchen.

Package:  I’m typically not a fan of the black and red package color scheme, but it works for this Netflix/Marvel Knights presentation. As we’ve seen with the Star Wars Black Series, the red is a striking color that really highlights figures well. In this case, it suggests either wasted space or a lack of accessories.

Marvel Legends Jessica Jones figure review - package bio

Like all the figures in the line, Jessica has a tone appropriate drawing on the side and a weak bio on the back. That’s the norm at this point, but it doesn’t help folks who aren’t already familiar with the character.

Marvel Legends Jessica Jones figure review - head close up

Likeness:  For the Netflix based figures, Hasbro attempted to fully capture the actor’s likeness. Krysten Ritter has a very distinct face that’s rendered very well in this scale. The hair is sculpted to flow and hang naturally and also looks really nicely done. The leather jacket looks good and the finger mittens are fine too.


I’m pretty sure the lower half is from the Mary Jane released earlier this year with new boots. If so, this is perfectly acceptable re-use. The boots look great with the lazy, half fold style Jessica wears them. Jessica is hardly the flashiest character in this wave, but her look will be instantly recognizable to fans of the show.

Marvel Legends Jessica Jones figure review - with Elektra and White Tiger

Scale:  Jessica is shorter than the average sized guy but a decent amount without making her short. Hopefully, Hasbro has a Netflix Wave 2 with a Luke Cage coming so I can best gauge her height.

Marvel Legends Jessica Jones figure review - moody shot

Paint:  Continuing a newer trend to increase the likeness for movie/TV characters, Hasbro used a printing paint method for the face. I’ve had a chance to see about 10 Jessica Jones figures and the paint job was consistently good. Given the chance to get the ‘best’ one, I could be picky, but none were so terrible that it ruined the head sculpt. The eyes are going to be the key here. From a reasonable distance the effect really accomplishes the desired realistic visual.

The rest of the figure has minor paint requirements from the silver zipper and buttons on the jacket, there’s not a lot here. That’s fine since it’s screen accurate, but it helps to draw attention to some missing components.

Marvel Legends Jessica Jones figure review - leaning on wall

Articulation:  Jessica tends to avoid conflict unless it’s unavoidable. But it’s important her figure can throw down just as capably. Her elbow range isn’t the greatest as she Hasbro went with more of the old Hasbrows articulation model. She’s got a great swivel on the elbows, but she won’t be able to achieve close up punches well. Beyond that, the articulation is strong as usual.

Marvel Legends Jessica Jones figure review - showdown with Killgrave

Jessica Jones has:

  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Elbows
  • Torso
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Knees (double-jonted)
  • Ankles

Marvel Legends Jessica Jones figure review - grabbing Killgrave

Accessories:  It’s a minor thing, but Jessica is missing her scarf. I know she didn’t always wear it, but it’s Jessica’s equivalent to a cape and adds a little flair to her outfit. And to play up more of her private investigator gig, a camera would have been nice too. Time to pillage the DC Direct Jimmy Olsen figure.

Marvel Legends Jessica Jones figure review - backdrop and figure in tray

Jessica doesn’t come empty handed though as she has the torso for the Build-A-Figure Man-Thing. I’m interested in building him, but I’m probably going to end up getting some pieces loose.

Worth it?  Patience is a virtue for those who missed out. Currently, you can get Jessica for $17.97. Even with a lack of accessories, that’s a pretty solid deal.

Rating: 8 out of 10

The likeness to Ritter is fantastic. All that’s holding the figure back is the elbows and a lack of accessories.

Where to Get It?  I’ve seen the Marvel Knights line all over from Toys R Us, Walgreens, Target and Wal-Mart.  If you strike out at all those options, give a try.

Marvel Legends Jessica Jones figure review - Defenders shot with Daredevil and Iron Fist

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