Arrow: Thanksgiving review S6 E7

Of all the Arrowverse shows, I knew the timing of the Crisis crossover was going to be most problematic for Arrow. Since the CW wasn’t about to have its superhero centerpiece without the franchise star Stephen Amell front and center, a lot of the foundation for this season was going to come undone.

That meant Diggle had to get sidelined as Green Arrow. Diggle’s wonder drug had done so much damage he was risking paralysis even with Curtis’ special serum. This led to some fractures within Team Arrow as Curtis and Felicity started sniping at each other and Oliver and Diggle went at it too. It was kinda weird that with Diggle laid up in a hospital bed his wife wasn’t there. I get that Audrey Marie Anderson can’t be in every episode, but this was definitely a case where they should have shot an extra scene while she was around last week.

Fortunately, the writers addressed the vigilante elephant in the room with Diggle telling Oliver he put Oliver’s family and wants above his own. That was pure, unfiltered truth. Thanksgiving was a ‘cards on the table’ episode as Dinah told Lance her ex is Vigilante and she didn’t stop him. Lance confessed he could have stopped Black Siren, but didn’t as well.

Arrow Thanksgiving review -Arrow, Mr Terrific, Wild Dog and Black Canary

I wasn’t silly enough to think Diggle was going to stay Arrow all season, but this season felt like it still had a lot of mileage out of this new dynamic. Right down to how Diggle now had his Team Arrow of Dinah, Rene and Curtis in the same way Oliver had his with Felicity, Diggle, Roy/Thea and Laurel.

Most damning though was how Diggle physically unable to perform forced Oliver to suit back up as Arrow. This was right after Watson crashed his Thanksgiving dinner/police precinct grand opening. Among my many problems with Watson is how ultimately toothless she was going to prove to be. It’s not like she was actually going to stop Oliver from being Green Arrow. Nope, she was just going to waltz in full of snarling attitude and walk off right when Oliver was back in the role. For all her dogged determination to nail Oliver to the wall she sure picked a convenient time to stop caring.

Arrow Thanksgiving review -Lance, Oliver and Watson

But ultimately, Arrow is Oliver’s show so he had to get back under the hood. Good timing too as Cayden James and Black Siren are back in action. James wants payback for Arrow and company taking down his son. This seems a bit too much like Prometheus’ plan, just not as elaborately thought out and executed.

And it turns out Rene and James have at least one thing in common as they’re both Billy Joel fans. For James, that meant not actually having a thermal bomb set to go off and ruin the concert. Of all the random guest appearances we’ve seen on Arrow and the CW in general, this was absolutely the weirdest since it seemed like stock footage. Ok, maybe it would have been silly for Green Arrow to appear on stage with Billy Joel, but this was so bizarre.

Thanksgiving ended on a nice family moment with Thea waking up from her coma. No time to worry about Oliver lying to William about being Green Arrow again. It’s turkey time! While this set the table for Crisis on Earth-X, I’m more concerned about how this episode’s developments will play out the rest of the season.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW