Marvel Legends Medusa figure review

With Inhumans wrapping this week, it only seemed natural to knock out the Marvel Legends Medusa figure. Walgreens has become a surprising haven for Marvel Legends and Medusa is the latest in what’s essentially its exclusive Fantastic Four wave. Considering I just found Human Torch last month, I was thrilled to find her already. Hopefully that means there’s a chance Mister Fantastic arrives in December. For now, let’s untangle the queen of the Inhumans and see if she’s worth getting.

Packaging:  Like all the figures in this ‘wave,’ Medusa gets exclusive packaging. She doesn’t have as easy a logo setup like the FF, but Hasbro managed. It looks like J. Scott Campbell did the side panel art, but don’t quote me.

Marvel Legends Medusa figure review -package bio

Either way, I’m a fan of these side portraits as they really showcase Marvel’s artistic talent. The bio is decent, but Hasbro really could put a bit more effort in these for the non-A-list characters.

Marvel Legends Medusa figure review -wide shot

Likeness:  I like the head sculpt, which is different from the Galactus set. The rest of the figure uses that same body with the exception of flats instead of heels. Medusa was going to be a tumbling, shelf domino-inducing problem so reducing potential collapsing issues like weak heels was a good move. If I was being nit picky, the heels are far less a problem than the hair.

Marvel Legends Medusa figure review -against green backdrop

While the show would have you think otherwise, Medusa’s big gimmick is her huge hair. She would make 80s big hair icons envious. It’s massive and overflowing. For balancing issues, Hasbro couldn’t make her hair as full as us diehards would like, but it’s OK. Articulation would have taken a hit if it was sculpted differently. I don’t know another way Hasbro could have made that work beyond making her more statue like so this was a good compromise.

Paint:  With no sculpting on the boots and gloves the paintwork is important here. I saw about eight figures on the shelves. For the most part, the pain work was fine. Be mindful to look at the boot/glove lines and the eyes. They seemed to be the most common areas or paint mishaps. Mine had sharp paint apps.

I like the shiny magenta colors used on the mask, gloves and boots. They really pop against the dark pink costume. I dig the coordinating lipstick too. The paintjob gives Medusa more of a classic attire so she’s instantly going to be the default version of my shelf. In fairness, Medusa has had a ton of costumes and none have really stuck around long enough to be the definitive version.


Marvel Legends Medusa figure review -scale with Sandman, Invisible Woman and Human Torch

Scale:  I’ve always considered Medusa to be average height — since her hair provided the illusion that she was taller. The figure reflects that and matches up nicely to other figures. Although next to The Invisible Woman, I’m not sure if Sue had a big head or if Medusa has a smaller one.

Marvel Legends Medusa figure review -scale with Invisible Woman and Human Torch

Articulation:  Medusa gets the regular articulation package. Since her hair is her major offensive tool, Medusa didn’t need the dynamic movement of some other characters. And her hair isn’t long enough or articulated to make some scenes with her in action.

Marvel Legends Medusa figure review -preparing for battle

The hair weight still makes some poses tricky and her center of balance isn’t the best either. You’ll likely still end up resting her hair back for more action heavy poses.

Medusa has:

  • neck
  • shoulders
  • elbows
  • wrist
  • torso
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankles

Marvel Legends Medusa figure review -with Sandman vs Human Torch and Invisible Woman

Accessories:  Here’s the one sticking point. Medusa gets a goose egg on accessories. Granted, there’s not a lot of obvious pack-ins that would make sense. If shortchanging Medusa freed up more money for Reed Richards or The Thing, I’m fine making the sacrifice.

Marvel Legends Medusa figure review -backdrop and in tray

Worth It?  Medusa is the standard $20. I’m sure if you had more patience than me you could find her during one of Walgreens sales.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Medusa’s hair takes some of the fun out of posing her and I wish it had more bounce to reflect her comic look, but I prefer this classic style. Hopefully Hasbro has a Wizard and Trapster figure in the works too.

Marvel Legends Medusa figure review -with Sandman

Where to Get it? The great thing about Walgreens exclusives is they don’t mess around with stocking product. You’ll find her easily on shelves or on