The Walking Dead: The King, the Widow, and Rick review S8 E6

The King, the Widow, and Rick had to overcome a ton of idiotic decisions. It wasn’t a bad episode, but it’s frustrating watching characters making these types of questionable choices.

There was competition, but Rick has to take the title for the most clueless. There wasn’t any viable reason for trying to align with the Junkers. Not with The Saviors bottled up in The Sanctuary. If anything, the three armies needed to start working out a plan to get Dwight out and bomb the rest.

But no, Rick pitched a second attempt at an alliance. He even had Polaroids of the Saviors to further sell them. Predictably that didn’t work and Rick was stripped down and imprisoned. And I don’t feel an ounce of sympathy.

Carl looked like he was gunning to follow his dad’s lobotomy moment. At least Siddiq (Avi Nash) seemed worth a chance. Carl losing all ability to fight walkers seemed forced and why anyone battles them with a knife is silly. Michonne didn’t corner the market on machetes.


Jesus’ subplot remains infuriating. Now he’s raiding the cellar to feed the Savior prisoners. He doesn’t care about the sanctity and safety of The Hilltop. He’s just trying to ease his conscious. How disastrous would this war be if everyone just did whatever they wanted?

The Walking Dead - The King, The Widow, and Rick review -Rick

Initially Maggie seems committed to housing the prisoners, but she only sees them as bargaining chips in case some of the alliance gets caught. And for good measure, she tosses Gregory in with them. Maggie might be the only one thinking this war thing clearly.

Aaron isn’t however as he’s following the unofficial war plan of doing whatever you want when you want. And Enid’s tagging along to get them a big win. Somehow I don’t see the Saviors being too threatened by them.

Michonne and Rosita’s road trip felt like another exercise in going rogue, but all was forgiven when Rosita blasted a Savior with a bazooka. Score a million style points on that kill.

Daryl and Tara catch up with them and this foursome is off to do…something? These agendas aren’t very clear right now.

To no great surprise Carol had the episode’s best moments. She wisely didn’t keep brushing off the boy who would be a kingsman. They need the numbers and he’s gonna need to learn how to fight eventually.

The Walking Dead - The King, The Widow, and Rick review -Carl

But it was Carol’s scene with Ezekiel that really shined. I’m glad her pep talk didn’t immediately rally him. Ezekiel may have been prideful and he’s gorging on humble pie right now. The loss of Shiva is clearly affecting him, which was a nice touch as she wasn’t just a symbol of his power, but his first loyal subject of his Kingdom. Melissa McBride was great and Khary Payton really conveyed Ezekiel’s broken spirit. I’m rooting for Ezekiel to get his swagger back, but this down and out time is essential for his character growth.

Ultimately, the big takeaway from The King, the Widow, and Rick was Rick can’t keep making stupid decisions even with a war on the line. This was an episode that could easily be missed except for Rosita’s Savior removal strategy.


Rating: 7 out of 10

Photo Credit: AMC