DC Comics reviews for 11/29/17

Aquaman Annual #1

Aquaman Annual #1 cover

While likely to play very familiar to longtime Superman fans, Aquaman’s annual was a captivating annual-worthy standalone. Aquaman and Mera size up a potential location for a new sea to surface headquarters before we take a glimpse in their future. It’s a new era for Atlantis and Aquaman and Mera are joined by some of their Justice League allies to celebrate the big occasion — the coming of age ceremony for their son.

Writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson adds some welcome wrinkles to a new somewhat familiar premise. Told from Aquaman’s point of view, it felt fresh enough. The character work was strong and there was some fun Justice League cameos. Even at 41 pages it felt like Johnson had some more possible angles to take the story, which was a great sign.

Aquaman Annual #1 interior art

Unfortunately, Max Fiumara’s art wasn’t the best fit here. Fiumara has a great sense of perspectives and is a solid storyteller, but character faces looked rough and too often came across rushed. In most cases, the art was a distraction. Not enough to derail the annual, but I couldn’t help but wonder how this would have looked with regular artist Stjepan Sejic handling the art.

Ultimately, while the art is rough, this is a worthwhile pickup for Aquaman fans.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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