DC Comics reviews for 11/29/17

Green Arrow Annual #1

Green Arrow Annual #1 cover

Well-timed for Christmas, Green Arrow’s first Rebirth annual is a nice treat even if it’s not the most memorable story. Regular Green Arrow writer Benjamin Percy finally calls in one of remaining members of Green Arrow’s legit Rogue gallery. It takes a while for the reveal thanks to a device that makes dreams a reality. The real fun of the issue is seeing the dream scenario for the respective members of Team Arrow. And when it comes for the big showdown with the bad guy, Green Arrow needs a little help from a friend who doesn’t always get the full spotlight on the title.

Considering the outstanding artistic talent in the Green Arrow bullpen, it was a little disappointing that Elenora Carlini got the call. Carlini’s art is OK, but her more manga style art doesn’t really mesh well with Green Arrow.

Green Arrow Annual #1 interior art

The only other complaint is how detached the issue is from current events going on in the regular title. For the sake of this story and for the Christmas tie-in that’s fine, but it would have been nice if Percy didn’t set the story so long ago. This one is mainly for the true Green Arrow fans, but it’s not one you’ll miss much if you skip.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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