DC Comics reviews for 11/29/17

Super Sons Annual #1

Super Sons Annual #1 interior art pg 10

I dare you not to be entertained with this annual. If you don’t smile or outright laugh at the sight of Krypto hanging with the Bat-Cow you’re dead inside. Given all the regular fun of Super Sons, writer Peter J. Tomasi had the up the ante for the annual. And it was successfully raised with a Super Pets team up of Krypto and Titus. And that’s even before the cameo by another popular DC Comics animal character.

Paul Pellitier gets in on the fun and his art continues to be amazingly consistent and strong. He’s one of those artists who’ve been at it for years without any indication he’s lost a step. His pages are always solid, but Pellitier embraces his sillier side here, which is key when you’re telling a story through animals.

Super Sons Annual #1 interior art 1

You can take all the gloom and doom and endless brooding and mega-events you want, but this issue is exactly why comics rarely are better than when they embrace the fun. I legit kept laughing every time I turned to the next page. If you need a good laugh or just want a fun, no frills-issue, you absolutely must read Super Sons Annual #1.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: DC Comics

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