Legends of Tomorrow: Crisis on Earth-X review S3 E4

Crisis on Earth-X fittingly wrapped up on Legends of Tomorrow. That’s due to Part 4 having the most significant impact on Legends than any other show. Oh, sure there’s the two weddings, but the funeral will weigh heavily for the rest of this Legends season.

Of the chapters, Part 4 was my clear favorite until that final scene. I just can’t with Olicity anymore and I thought I’d long since reached my maximum level of intolerance for Felicity.

With Kara set to lose her heart with ironically the slowest surgery ever performed by a speedster no less, the Legends made their dramatic arrival and rescue. Atom’s save was admittedly a cool moment, but the writers never bothered explaining where the rest of the team was in the first three chapters. It just felt like the literally were chilling on the Waverider until now and there was more than enough downtime for Sara to call in the reinforcements back in Part 2.

The constant Marvel references keep rolling with a reference this week to Ms. Marvel and her embiggening. Outside of the very first Spider-Man, I can’t remember the last Marvel movie to reference DC. It’s so weird.

With all the time cheating they do, the Legends could have just dropped Stein off moments before he left Clarissa for the 50th time instead of letting him die. That is how they’re explaining how Amaya is returning to the 40s, right? This gave Jax and Stein a nice moment, but it felt so weird that the rest of the team was nowhere to be found.

Legends of TomorrowCrisis on Earth-X Part 4 review -the heroes

Stein’s death may have been heavily telegraphed, but it lent weight to the crossover. It’s not truly a Crisis unless someone dies. And it finally paid off Jax and Stein’s reckless fighting style of always splintering off from the most powerful member of the team. I did feel terrible for Stein’s wife, daughter and unnamed baby daddy son-in-law since Stein was a pretty awful husband/father.

I definitely missed Mick the last two episodes. He was the one character whose absence was most noticeable in the middle chapters. I’m glad it appears he’ll get to spend some time hanging with Citizen Cold, who bizarrely decided to stick around on Earth-1 for no reason than fan service for Wentworth Miller’s final run in the Arrowverse. Seems like it would have made more sense for both The Ray and Citizen Cold to join the Legends crew. Especially since there’s no superpowered villains on Earth-X anymore. And according to CW logic, Curtis should be fawning all over The Ray any minute now.

Overgirl might have been a general just so Supergirl could make the Superman II shout out, but I’ll allow it. This crossover really didn’t do that great a job building up the villains to the point the fight against Metallo feels more like they’re beating up a helpless robot.

The Nazi army casually strolling through the city hardly seemed imposing compared to the alien invasion last year. It was literally Dark Arrow and grunts against a team of super powered heroes. Hardly a fair fight. Maybe this was to give the guys more time to try out some new hero poses. Supergirl could have handled these guys on her own. It was fun watching the various heroes obliterate Nazis, but this felt really one-sided. And what’s with Barry letting Reverse Flash speed off? Maybe knock him out and for giggles put him in a containment cell? At least Oliver had the right idea killing Dark Arrow.

I fully expected a Hulk homage when Supergirl started falling from the sky. Instead she gets Nate, the Pretty of Steel.

The final 15 minutes started off strong with Stein’s funeral and farewells. Barry and Iris just getting hitched right away didn’t seem like a bad move although it seemed odd not to have Joe there too. And this provided a Diggle sighting as he was apparently just sitting around at the Arrowcave while the Nazis came to town. But in the most spotlight snatching incident I’ve seen — even worse than The Best Man — Felicity hijacks Barry and Iris’ really sweet moment so she can decide to marry Oliver right then and there.

I’ve read several tweets suggesting this was a better team-up than Justice League. And man am I jealous of the folks on Earth-2 who watched their Crisis on Earth-X. Take away the combined 11 seasons of character development and this crossover was just a bombastic way to finally get Oliver and Felicity married … while stomping all over Barry and Iris’ well-earned moment.

Olicity ruined Arrow Season 4 and the marriage years has me far less interested in the back end of Arrow’s sixth season. On the other hand, I’m curious to see what Legends will do in Stein’s absence and Citizen Cold’s (temporary) arrival. Call it a draw? At least Part 4 had some cool action scenes.

Crisis on Earth-X never quite lived up to its potential with my biggest gripe being Felicity felt like more of a focal point than any character besides Oliver and Kara. The Arrowverse needs to stop trying to make the super hacker the center of its universe.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW