Image Comics reviews for 11-29-17

Sacred Creatures #5

After an hospital orgy gone violent in Issue #4, #5 goes a different direction with the Sin of Gluttony taking the stage while more of Naviel’s past is revealed.

This issue was a fun read thanks to the writing Pablo Raimondi and Klaus Janson. More biblical tie-ins are in this entry with The Tower of Babel this time and the chase for the baby comes to a bloody, dramatic close.

Claire is an intriguing villain throughout the issue as she kills, harms, and possesses people without even breaking a sweat and I now notice that character Karen Porter looks a lot like Hollywood actress Jessica Lange. Loaded with rich backstory and a bloody confrontation, Sacred Creatures proves to a series worthy of picking up as it’s art, writing, and issue size never wastes a page. — Pierre Brown

Rating: 10 out of 10

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