DC Comics reviews for 12/6/17

Green Arrow #35

Green Arrow #35 cover

Green Arrow #35 reinforced a few things. Juan Ferreyra has emerged as one of DC’s best artists, Benjamin Percy gets Green Arrow and no one should ever trust Moira Queen.

In search of some answers to possibly take down The Ninth Circle, Oliver and Moira Queen travel to the ocean depths. Percy avoids the obvious Aquaman tie-in, but this under the sea adventure still proves eventful.

One of the reasons this run of Green Arrow continues to be so good is that Percy has been able to get into Oliver Queen’s head. That’s evident when Oliver muses on his take of hell, which is perfectly in line with his origin. Green Arrow is an easy character to fall into a liberal cliché or a second-tier Batman, but Percy has done wonders in establishing Green Arrow’s own lane.

Green Arrow #35 interior art

Ferreyra’s art is even better than usual this issue. If Stjepan Sejic needs a break from Aquaman, Ferreyra definitely made a case he’s the right artist to fill in with his magical spin on undersea life. He’s just as capable when Percy shifts the story to the mystery surrounding Oliver’s presumed dead assistant capturing a Sin City style feel with the layout presentation.

Black Canary remains an important fixture in the title and as usual, it’s going to fall on her to help Green Arrow out. But, Emi might have a secret that could jeopardize everything for Oliver.

I love how Percy keeps challenging expectations for the book and making it work. Green Arrow underwater is a very different premise that pays off. Green Arrow continues to be one of Rebirth’s most rewarding reads.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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