DC Comics reviews for 12/6/17

Green Lanterns #36

Green Lanterns #36 cover

So far, Tim Seeley has managed to retain all of the fun and excitement from Sam Humphries’ run. If anything, Seeley has added an extra dose of unpredictability.

While Baz has to take their alien charges off the playing field, Cruz tangles with the alien black hole Singularity Jain. Of the villains they’ve faced, Jain is a tad one-dimensional despite Seeley’s efforts to make her more meaningful by casting her as an intergalactic lawyer.

I appreciate how quickly Seeley has added his personal touches to Baz and Cruz. All of the important character development they’ve experienced is intact, but Seeley is taking them beyond those to further flesh them out. Cruz is trying to set up a long-term job and Baz is using a superhero dating app for example. Baz and Cruz have increasingly become more enjoyable playing off each other even when facing a trial by the Honor Lanterns.

Green Lanterns #36 interior art

The real heart of this issue is how the Lanterns’ captive, Bolphunga, starts to accept his destiny. It’s a surprisingly tender moment that wraps the story well.

Ronan Cliquet is back handling the pencils. Cliquet’s work remains solid and barring any major scheduling issues, should really be the main artist for Green Lanterns.

This wasn’t the biggest two-part story for the series, but it had some nice moments that furthered the bond between Baz and Cruz.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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