DC Comics reviews for 12/6/17

Justice League #34

Justice League #34 cover

Bryan Hitch ended his mixed run of Justice League on a high note. After some strong Metal tie-ins, Justice League kicks off a new era with writer Christopher Priest and artist Pete Woods. This a solid creative team fully capable of taking Justice League to the heights of the Rebirth peak like the solo books.

Rather than slowly work their way into establishing their take on the characters, Priest & Woods start off with a multi-issue arc Three Rooms. Hitch was a good starter who rarely managed to stick the landing. Priest already seems to have a better sense of pacing and building the story up rather than shrouding everything in mystery for four issues.

Priest goes against one of the unofficial laws of DC Comics — Batman never screws up. It’s almost bizarre how few stories tackle Batman’s humanity with just basic things like fatigue. And how a lack of sleep can make one of DC’s best strategists actually make a bad judgment call. Seeing how Batman and his allies will respond should make for some interesting character moments.

Justice League #34 interior art

Woods’ art embodies a superhero tone with burly, stocky characters. The artwork features a tremendous amount of vitality and movement. There’s an almost animation quality to the panels, which further enhances the larger than life feel. Woods’ color choices are also solid with bright hues and lighting.

Priest isn’t rushing the story, which may prove frustrating for folks who want everything in one issue. Three Rooms is set up more for the long game, but with this creative team, it should prove worthwhile.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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