Image Comics reviews for 12-6-17

The Gravedigger’s Union #2

The Gravedigger's Union #2

The Union meets with a powerful witch to discover the force behind the supernatural occurrences while also aiming to discover the location of Cole’s daughter. Elsewhere, Morgan learns more about the dark society she has become a part of and the role she is meant to play.

I honestly think I would have enjoyed this read more if the main storyline wasn’t the Union at all but was instead the story of Morgan. The members of the dark underworld she’s a part of is a lot more appealing than most of the dialogue between the members of the Union, (which still censors language but has a Mature rating), and the overall atmosphere just feels more intriguing.

I think this series should keep more moments with Morgan more often or try to create the same tone in the main storyline to stay appealing in 2018. – Pierre Brown

Rating: 6 out of 10

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