Image Comics reviews for 12-6-17

Sleepless #1

sleepless #1

A new Image fantasy series emerges called Sleepless. Pyppenia, ‘Poppy,’ is the illegitimate daughter of a dead king and must navigate the dangers, magic, and possibly even romance in the Kingdom as a new king takes her father’s place.

This new fantasy series puts people of color as royalty with black characters throughout which is something not commonly seen much like Shonda Rhimes’ ‘Still Star Crossed’ with its broad, diverse cast. The world Poppy lives in and her relationship with the ‘Sleepless’ knight is shrouded in mystery in this first issue but provides just enough context and the right amount of intimacy to keep readers ready to ship the pair.

This first issue does a great job of hooking in new readers with great coloring and art and a plot that seems eager to be revealed. 2018 will be a great year for some new Image Comics and Sleepless is no exception. –Pierre Brown

Rating: 10 out of 10

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