Image Comics reviews for 12-6-17

Witchblade #1

witchblade #1

Image Comics presents a reboot of a series that hasn’t been touched in comic format in 2 years after a 20 year run. Witchblade returns with a new look, new lead, and new creative team. New protagonist Alex Underwood struggles with understanding her new powers as well as tracking down the abusive husband of a client who is set on killing her and anyone who gets in his way.

I’ve seen samples of this series towards the end of other Image Titles this year and to finally see the full first issue was a treat. This reboot gives Witchblade a much more emotional, deeper insight into the character rather than its normal focus on fan service and this may be because the writer and artist are both women.

Alex’s struggle with the visions in her head and the responsibility of her newfound powers makes this first issue stand out as a true reintroduction, (yet also new history), into Witchblade lore which makes this series approachable to newcomers. An interview at the end with Caitlin Kittredge and Roberta Ingranata exposes their intentions of handling this series. Old fans of the nearly nude version of Witchblade may be disappointed in this first issue but should definitely appreciate this dark, bloody new world presented to readers.

Witchblade receives the feminist prose and much more personal grasp it deserves and I look forward to what Kittredge and Ingranata will give readers next year. –Pierre Brown

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics

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