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New WWE promo pictures: Basic 81, Hall of Champions, Walgreens exclusive Becky Lynch

It’s getting impossible trying to stay on top of all the new prototype pics for upcoming WWE figures. Mattel is really cranking out a lot of product these days, from Basic 81 to the Hall of Champions, which is great for collectors looking to beef up/update their display.

The Target exclusive Hall of Champions set has great packaging with the collection of belts in the inner lining. But as far as things to get excited about, that’s it for these Basic sets featuring Batista & John Cena and Dean Ambrose & The Miz.

I’m far more optimistic about the potential for Elite figures in this line, especially if it features more Flashbacks.

WWE Basic 81 Seth Rollins packageA trio of Basic 81 figures were shown. This is great Seth Rollins featuring him in his most modern attire. That would be very welcome as an Elite. The Sami Zayn sports a cool tight design, but it’s the Rhyno that has my attention. I’d love to see that as an Elite.

WWE Basic 81 Sami Zayn front

The Ultimate Fan Pack AJ Styles and Enzo Amore look good for Basics, but I keep feeling like Mattel would move more of these if they were Elite.

Walgreens continues its Elite women’s exclusive line rolling with Becky Lynch. We’ve gotten some great Sasha Banks and Bayley figures and the most recent Elite 55 Charlotte is perfect, but Mattel still hasn’t quite gotten Becky’s likeness yet.

WWE Walgreens Becky Lynch raising title WWE Walgreens Becky Lynch

Finally, the WWE WrestleMania build-up playset is interesting. I don’t have a ton of use for the sign, but I’m already trying to determine a way to jimmy a scaffold match set up with these pieces.

WrestleMania Build Set Brock Lesnar scalingWrestleMania Build Set Parts

Photo Credit: Mattel