Supergirl: Reign review S3 E9


Reign reinforced a lot of my issues with how the Crisis on Earth-X storyline played out. Maybe it’s just that I like Season’s 3 more mature take on Supergirl. She’s a more well-rounded character this season and not the sunny Pollyanna we saw for most of Crisis.

It’s telling that I was looking forward to Supergirl returning to her season long storyline and how little follow-up there was from Crisis. There was no mention of the wedding, battling Nazis or anything. I was impressed with the level of continuity shown throughout Crisis and was equally disappointed there was no word of it afterwards.

I’m slowly coming around on Season 3 Mon-El, but my inner Legion of Superhero fan scoffed at this guy being the leader and founder of the team. Having him tell his future allies about Supergirl makes sense and plays into the Legion’s history to an extent. I’m just hating on Mon-El being cast as the center of the Legion. For the most part, the interaction with Kara was handled well, but the writers went through some unnecessary lengths to stretch out the tension at times. There was a nice small Easter Egg with Irma wearing a pink shirt. It’s odd that despite Winn name dropping the Legion of Super Heroes that no one asked if Irma has powers too.

Supergirl Reign review - James and Lena

The gang’s Christmas party reinforced a few things. James and Lena’s chemistry was built nicely and it plays in to James’ history of liking strong women like Lucy and Kara. I really like this pairing. I appreciated the efforts to lighten J’onn up as he correctly proclaimed Empire Strikes Back as the greatest sequel ever and jammed out to Hall and Oates’ Jingle Bell Rock. M’yrnn even had a nice moment exclaiming his love for hot chocolate over coffee. I feel you Martian Manhunter Sr. Alex’s scene with Ruby was also nice. These kinds of kid moments should have been introduced more often to show Alex really did want kids.


One of the best moments of Reign was the quick Three Amigas bonding scene. Kara, Lena and Sam are a great combo and they come off so much more genuine than the forced female empowering moments we’ve seen lately on The Flash. Yeah, Sam has to be the season bad guy, but I hope Odette Annable sticks around for next season. She’s been such a great addition to the cast.

Supergirl Reign review - Reign and Supergirl

Reign made an impressive debut going after random thugs and even coming for Morgan Edge, who smartly has a lead-lined panic room. One of the best aspects of Supergirl’s initial meeting with Reign was how Kara had no reason to suspect she was Sam. From the costume, hair, mask and even distorted voice, Sam was very well hidden, which was an exceptional job by the costuming department.

I also loved that Reign actually had red heat vision. I thought Crisis missed the mark by not having Overgirl have red heat vision, but it’s more meaningful here. The Christmas music during their first fight seemed way out of place, but besides an over reliance on slo-mo, this was a strong initial battle.

Supergirl Reign review - Alexjpg

The sight of Supergirl actually meant something here. Supergirl tends to draw a ton of inspiration from Superman, but the Death of Superman homage was nicely understated. My only problem with this fight was the complete lack of involvement of Supergirl’s allies. Why didn’t Mon-El or Martian Manhunter fly in as backup? Hopefully the writers aren’t concerned about some message of Supergirl needing men to help her fight her battles. This was an instance where J’onn, Mon-El and the entire DEO look terrible for not having her back.

These are minor problems, but Supergirl heads to its winter break on a very strong note. This season has been such a major improvement over last year and continues to buck the weak third season trend of Arrow and The Flash.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW