10 Best and 10 Worst Couples in the Arrowverse

Top 10 Worst Couples

10. Felicity and Ray

Arrow - Draw Back Your Bow - Ray and Felicity

Blame the Olicity shippers for this one. In Ray, Felicity had everything she wanted. A nice guy who was totally in to her. Could speak geek fluently and was able to overcome a major personal tragedy to try and love again with her. He was the nice guy Donna always wanted her daughter to end up with. Ray’s only flaw? He wasn’t Oliver. So Felicity treated him like she could barely see him and crushed him at the worst possible moment.

9. Winn and Lyra

Supergirl - Lyra and Winn

One of the more annoying aspects of Arrowverse relationships is the ridiculous amount of time spent on them only for them to be casually written off. Winn was hot and heavy with his alien girlfriend Lyra throughout Season 2, but she hasn’t even been mentioned in Season 3. There was a quirky weirdness to this pairing, but it always felt like an afterthought especially considering all the screen time given to Alex & Maggie.

8. Wally and Jesse

the flash - wally and jesse

Initially bonding over their shared desire to be heroes, Wally and Jesse quickly (no pun intended) took their relationship to the next level. Much like Kid Flash, the Flash writers thought it’d be a good idea to pair Wally and Jesse and had no plans beyond that. Or maybe the writers just weren’t fans of long-distance relationships? Jesse broke up with Wally in the lamest way possible by having her dad deliver the break up message.

7. Nate and Amaya

legends of tomorrow - amaya and nate

‘Pretty’ and Amaya seemed like they were together largely due to a lack of options. They had forced chemistry and the writers lazily never tried to tackle the cultural adjustments with the modern Nate dating a woman from the 40s. Amaya clearly felt less than invested as it took one conversation from Rip Hunter for her to bail and not bother reconnecting once she rejoined the team.

6. Kara and James


For most of Supergirl’s first season, Kara crushed hard on James. She got googley eyes and everything. James was just as smitten, even ending a reconciliation attempt with his wife, Lucy. Ultimately, the James and Kara romance was all about wanting what you can’t have and the two quickly realized they’d be better off as friends. But the show could have not made Supergirl look like a homewrecker in the process.

5. Diggle and Carly


Here’s a rule. Unless Arrow did a flashback to Biblical times, Diggle hooking up with his sister-in-law was just weird. The writers kept desperately trying to make that work, but there was a palatable ickyness to it every time those two were on screen together.

4. Kendra and Carter

legends-of-tomorrow-pilot-part-2-kendra and carter

Hawkman and Hawkwoman are destined to be together forever. Legends of Tomorrow had a great concept of reincarnated lovers dealing with the issue where one has forgotten their history. But somehow, it never clicked even with juicy material like Hawkman getting killed and resurrected as an enemy against the Legends. This was easily one of the weakest relationships in the entire Arrowverse and no one is even remotely interested in calling the Hawks whenever the Earth is threatened by aliens or Nazis.

3. Supergirl and Mon-El

Supergirl Nevertheless She Persisted - Supergirl and Mon-El

The Arrowverse writers really like to depart from the comic book blueprint of certain characters to create their ‘unique’ spin. Mon-El was one of the worst instances as they took the noble, Superman Legion stand-in and made him a frat boy prince who used to own slaves on his home planet. He hardly seemed like Supergirl’s type and he wasn’t on any level. Most of Supergirl’s second season was devoted to Kara systematically changing everything she didn’t like about Mon-El and him happily losing himself — not to be a better person, but to impress Kara.

2. Oliver and Felicity

Arrow TV reviews arrow-broken-hearts-review-felicity-and-oliver.

Take everything great about Barry and Iris, go the exact opposite and you’ve got Olicity. This relationship brings out the worst in both of them. Oliver happily makes omelets and begs Felicity to marry him. Throughout the known multiverses, there’s not one where Batman is doing the same with Catwoman or Vicki Vale. Oliver is best as a brooding, weighed down with a massive burden hero and Felicity is great as the quirky computer whiz.

Felicity literally snapped out of her paralysis to end her engagement with Oliver. Felicity’s status as Oliver’s girlfriend/wife has made her unrealistically invincible. She snapped back at Ra’s al Ghul, fought off presumably trained Nazis from Earth-X, gained the superpower of being a super hacker and is a key figure in every major event. It’s no coincidence that Arrow’s best seasons are the one where he’s not romantically bantering back and forth with Felicity.

1. Martin and Clarissa Stein

The Flash Martin_Stein_Victor_Garber_and_Clarissa_Stein_Isabella_Hofmann

One of the biggest unintentional laughs ever from the Arrowverse came at Stein’s funeral. There, Jax had the gall to say Stein was a great husband. But what evidence did we actually have of this great husband? Stein kept ditching his wife to go play know-it-all with a bunch of 30-somethings. Earlier, Legends writers tried to explain it away by saying Stein would just return right to the moment he left, but then things got complicated when his daughter was born. Stein stayed with the Legends and didn’t bother trying to whip up a cure. Martin was a lot of things — a father figure, excellent singer and team conscious — but he was no lover in any time frame. This bio card from Comics Alliance pretty much sums her up perfectly.

Clarissa Stein

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